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Yann Bercher, passionate about human contact, relies on sharing and trust. He offers you high-quality support and a flawless presence.


Sharing and trust

Share, because :

After graduating as an IAF Financial Consultant and 17 years as an insurance broker, what has proven to be the most precious are the moments and things that can be shared in every aspect of life, let alone in an area where I can add the value of my experience.

Trust naturally builds in a relationship of sincere, committed and professional sharing.


It has been a few years now, that I decided to turn to solutions decorrelated from the financial markets, outside the banking system and insurances. I was looking for innovative products that enrich life in every way. 

Thus, in 2016, I was introtuced to exceptional, exclusive and unique products.

For me, these products make sense. They come from the real economy, they are increasingly sought after and they bring added value at all levels.

It is this concept that I specialized in and today, I am proposing tangible solutions that are of great human and economic value.


My passion for human kind and my approach to life and my profession have set me on the path of sharing based on trust.

My aim is for my clients to reach their financial goal with complete peace of mind, which is why I guide them on every step of this adventure.

My guidance

In order to get to know each other, I invite you for a first meeting, to share a moment to allow you to discover and taste the products.

You will have the opportunity to ask me all your questions and I will advise you according to your goals and your projects.

After that, you will have all the information needed allowing you to make an informed choice in a peaceful state of mind and I will submit to you the subscription orders necessary for the purchase of the casks containing the products you will have chosen.

Once the contract is signed and your purchases are payed for, you will receive your certificates of ownership and storage.

I will remain at your disposal and inform you regularly of everything you need to know about your acquisitions.

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