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Balsamic barrels

A rare, precious and incomparable result.

A balsamic of 1st quality

This product with its unrivaled and refined flavor has delighted and amazed the greatest chefs, including Franck Giovannini, 3 stars in the Michelin Guide in his restaurant at the Hôtel de Ville in Crissier.

Unique maturation process

While ageing in oak barrels in an oxygen-poor atmosphere at more than 3'000 meters above sea level, the balsamic becomes more and more concentrated and gains in aroma and value. These rare conditions also allow the development of highly sought-after balsamic crystals.


Take part in the experience

We offer you the possibility to buy one or more oak barrels filled with balsamic. Barrel owners can follow the maturation process during which their product develops its full value. At the end of the contract period, the owners have the choice to either extend the time of storage, receive their barrel at home or sell it at the market price.

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01. Production

Our alchemist and founder has been producing this balsamic for over 25 years. Here is a glimpse of its secret.

Instead of using grapes, as with traditional balsamic, we use high-quality Eastern Swiss apples.

They come from ancient varieties of Swiss fruit trees.

No additives, dyes or preservatives used

in the production process.

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02. Maturation

The balsamic barrels are aged in the Swiss mountains, at more than 3'000 meters.

The production process is based on the power of the Alps. The maturation process is 100 percent natural.

In addition to that, the golden brown essence is matured in French Limousin oak barrels of 30 litres at 3'400 meters above sea level and under strict temperature control.

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03. Sale

The premium balsmamic obtained is then sold, as well as the crystals resulting from ageing.

The Alpine refining process allows for a unique and individual taste to develop. The Alpine climate with a low oxygen content triggers other processes that result in a better yield of precious balsamic crystals and a product of the highest quality with a delicate taste.

Start with a
taste test

During our first encounter, you will taste the balsamic at different stages of maturation. 

You will realize its exceptional quality.

You will learn more about its history,  its ageing process and the value it gains over time.

Recieve advise for an informed choice

Find the product(s) corresponding to

your desires and objectives.

We will answer any questions you may have

about the product that sparked your interest.

Together, we will choose the best strategy for you based on the product that has seduced you.

Experience the ageing process

Your balsamic will be kept in the Jungfrau region, at more than 3'000 meters above sea level.

To offer you a true taste, emotional and culinary experience, as a VIP member you will be invited to an exclusive tasting event in the heart of our cellars.

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