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Rum barrels

Our rum carries the essence of his native Panama.


A pleasure sought after through history

Now as then, “Caribbean Gold " continues to exert its fascination. Rum, the history of which goes back a long way, has evolved into a refined luxury drink. One of the oldest known spirits, it is nowadays available   in different blends. But only the best brands capture the connoisseur's attention. Matured over years, they do not only inhance their aroma and complexity, but also their value.

A Caribbean passion

Each spirit in the world is associated with a home country. Rum is no exception. Its unique character finds its roots in the centuries-old know-how of men and women who have perfected its elaboration and watch over the precious distillates. While life continues to pulsate all around, the exceptional spirit takes its time.

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Purchase an exceptional product

Take part in the experience of rum maturation. Together with our experts and our master blenders, we buy high-quality rum that has already been laid down from different vintages for further storage at the bonded warehouse facilities in Central America. We regularly submit it to quality checks. You have the option of purchasing one or several 200-litre casks of a particular vintage.


01. Selection

Experts and master blenders buy a rum of superior quality and already casked to different degrees of maturity.

Rum from the traditional Central American countries stored in Panama, expresses the essence of its native land.

Because of its function as a hub, thanks to the Panama Canal and the many free trade areas and special economic zones, Panama was predestined to watch over the precious distillates.

Closely monitored, secured and developed under the control of experts, rum grows its future value.

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02. Storage

The longer the ageing, the darker the rum becomes and  so takes on its distinctive and fine aromas and flavors.

A noble rum is like a real and beautiful friendship: the older it gets, the more valuable it becomes.

Thanks to storage in oak barrels, the young rum evolves over time becoming a complex taste experience. Special climatic conditions also play a role.

Owning a rum matured under these conditions offers two things: a noble product of exceptional taste and a unique material value.


03. Sale

You have 3 choices: the delivery of your barrel or the contents bottelled, its sale or extending of the storage.

At the end of the contract and storage period you can:

  • Have the raw cask delivered to you or request an offer for refining and bottling.

  • You can also resell your cask to a third-party buyer.

  • Continue the ageing of the barrel (based on our advice) and sign for a new storage period.

Start with a taste

During our first encounter, you will taste some of the rums to make yourself aware of their exceptional quality.

You will learn more about their history, maturation process and the experts who create them.

This is just the beginning of your experience...

Let's discuss about your goals

Find the product(s) corresponding to

your desires and objectives.

We will answer any questions you may have about the product that sparked your interest.

Together, we will choose the best strategy for you based on the product that has seduced you.

Relax, we follow-up

All the barrels are insured against theft and various claims.

Experts periodically check the quality of the rum in maturation.

The casks are stored in strict compliance with the regulations related to alcohol warehouses and monitored by external agents.

You will be regularly informed about your acquisitions and have the priviledge to take part in events reserved for our members.

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