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Your capital in the real economy!

By acquiring tangible products, which reveal their value over time, you sustain companies working for quality while developing your assets with a high level of security.

How to choose the right product ?

Why ?

You have a project such as buying a house, improving your retirement, passing on your heritage. Whichever your reasons, acquiring a real good that gains value over time can help you achieve it.

How long ?

The duration of the contract adapts to your project.

The storage duration

Possibility to extend storage for an additional 5 years.

How much ?

High quality barrels starting at

30'000 CHF.

Buy barrels

Passion and time as quality guarantee

Passion grants know-how for our experts and time brings the necessary ageing to exceptional products.

Under the care of these passionate experts, your products will gain in quality and value. These are highly sought after and their selling price remains stable regardless of economic fluctuations.


Thus, at the end of the storage period, we can provide a very interesting purchase offer.

Acquisitions with security

Your barrels of rum or balsamic gain value over time.

  • Barrels of rum and balsamic are tangible goods that can be resold at any time.

  • The fermentation and ageing process create real value.

  • The quality of the products is subject to regular and thorough controls by experts.

  • Your casks are covered by insurance in case of damage.

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