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Whisky barrels

An exceptional single malt whisky from Scotland 

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A pleasure sought

Coming from centuries-old recipes from Scottish distilleries, our whisky offers a wealth of tastes appreciated by any specialist.

A character of the terroir

Imposed by the kings who had discovered the pleasure of tasting brandy, the monks (producers) withdrew to the highlands of Scotland to distill, hidden by darkness and mist. Over time, the secret evolved into a prestigious craft. The barley that makes up Single Malt Whisky is the only cereal from Scotland.

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Whisky The Alpinist.jpg

Acquire a superior product

You can acquire one or more casks of diverse capacities and vintages. In this context, various storage periods are foreseen.

In collaboration with our experts and master blenders, we buy high quality Single Malt Whisky. We continue its ageing in cellars and we regularly submit it to quality controls.


01. Selection

Experts and master blenders select the quality Single Malt Whisky from the legendary Scottish know-how.

Barley is the only cereal in single malt whisky originating from Scotland. But the earth where it is grown and the peatiness used to dry the barley are what make whisky unique.

Each distillery has its own copper still and the whisky reaches its full maturity in a carefully chosen cask.

It is this singularity that our experts are seeking for their selection.

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02. Storage

The longer it srays in a barrel, the more its taste becomes mellow and rich in aromas.

We continue its ageing in the cellar and we regularly submit it to quality controls.

All barrels are insured and checked throughout the storage period to ensure perfect maturation.

Many whiskys already reveal their exceptionnal flavors after 10 to 15 years.


03. Sale

You have 3 choices: the delivery of your barrel or its contents bottelled, its sale or extending the storage.

At the end of the contract and storage period you can:

  • Have the raw cask delivered to you or request an offer for refining and  bottling.

  • You can also resell your cask to a third-party buyer.

  • Continue the ageing of the barrel (based on our advice) and sign for a new storage period.

Start with a taste

During our first encounter, you will taste some of our whiskys to make yourself aware of their exceptional quality.

You will learn more about their history, maturation process and the experts who create them.

This is just the beginning of your experience...

Let's talk about your goals

Find the product(s) corresponding to

your desires and objectives.

We will answer any questions you may have

about the product that sparked your interest.

Together, we will choose the best strategy for you based on the product that has seduced you.

Relax, we follow up

All the barrels are insured against theft and various damage.

Experts periodically check the quality of the whisky in maturation.

The casks are stored in strict compliance with the regulations related to alcohol warehouses and monitored by external agents.

You will be regularly informed about your acquisitions and have the priviledge to take part in events reserved for our members.

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