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Real & high-quality products, For You​

You will aquire real products and participate in a

unique and exciting experience.


During the manufacturing and ageing process, the products we offer gain in terms of taste, quality, value and perfection.

Balsamic barrels

Take part in the experience of ageing a high quality balsamic

Rum barrels

Take part in the experience of ageing an exceptional rum

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Your benefits

By owning a barrel during the time of the ageing process, you secure your money while profiting an exclusive product.

  • The evolution of your assets placed in the real economy is independent of the stock market.

  • Your acquisitions are insured in the event of damage.

  • You purchase tangible assets  that can be kept or sold at any time.

  • You build and protect your patrimony.

  • You're diversifying your capital.


Olivier Schornoz

Avec Monsieur Bercher le monde de la finance est devenu transparent, accessible et surtout compréhensible. Les produits qu’il présente sont de qualité et génère pour le client des bénéfices qu’aucun organe bancaire peut proposer.

Mark and Harriet Fryer

We have worked with Yann for nearly 10 years. He possesses the two key elements of a financial consultant. He is eminently knowledgeable about the products he sell.

Wayne watson

He took great care to understand what we needed and wanted, and then worked with us to figure out the best options for us to achieve our goals.

How can you take part in it?

  • During a first taste test appointment, you discover our products.

  • We answer your questions and discuss your situation and your vision.

  • We submit to you the various solutions.

You are Participating in an Experience that is Unique

  • The owner of a barrel of balsamic and/or rum, takes part in an experience that is as emotional as it is real and that will reveal itself with the ageing of the product.

  • At the end of the storage time, you receive an incomparable product of exceptional quality.

  • You will then have the choice:

    • To receive your product to savor

    • To extend its storage

    • To sell your barrels

An experience that generates unparalleled value that is offered to only a selected few.

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